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Putting on the outfit

You take the rest of the costume off the rack, and carry the pile of clothing to the nearest changeroom. After closing the door, you strip to your underwear and begin pulling on the outfit. The singlet goes on first, hanging limply off your shoulders. As you pull on the pants, the fabric billows in large folds around your lithe frame. You manage to hold the pants up with the suspenders, then button up the shirt over the singlet. The picture of the trucker had the shirt unbuttoned, but you don't think it really matters. Finally, you pull on the boots, then turn to the mirror.

You knew the costume was going to be big, but this is ridiculous. The singlet and shirt hang down well past your waist, and the pants are bundled around your feet in a pile. Even the shoes are too big - your feet are basically swimming in them. You sigh and tuck the singlet into the pants, which you hoist up by tightening the suspenders as much as possible. There's not much you can do about the boots, though. Oddly enough, you weren't able to find the "beard + body hair" that was supposed to come with the costume - the licence is in your pocket, but there's no trace of the other two items...

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