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You are angered that she has the upper hand now, and begin to wonder if she really will work with you. Remembering your wings, you instinctively take to flight as you go towards her at the speed of lightning. "Huh?" Countess Bathory looks around in confusion as you have disappeared in an instant. "Wherefore are thou...!". Suddenly, Elisabeth drops her slipper and falls down onto her floor, giggling. You are now flying under her arm and are tickling her armpit with your fingers. Elisabeth is reduced to helpless girlish laughter as she rolls on the floor trying to grab you. After she fails to grab you, you then go down to her exposed foot and begin quickly tickling that as well. She shrieks and reaches for you, but again fails to do so. After a short period of going back-and-forth tickling her, she is reduced to breathing heavily on the floor with her eyes in tears. You stop and say "Give up, yet?". "Merry, Fain, I comply. I shan't be using my slipper to taunt the anymore, now please cease this merciless torture at once!", she says in between breaths.

Written by an anonymous author

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