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Fear The Footwear

The Countess that appears to be in her mid 20's then quickly removes one of her slippers and holds it above you menacingly. "Fie, thou art dead!". You put your hands above your head in fear, closing your eyes. You quickly say "OK, OK, I'll tell you where I came from!". Slowly, Bathory move the slipper away from you and changes her expression from fearful to calm. You explain to her your story about being from the future, the ghost turning you into a tiny person being travelled back in time, and needing her help to undo all of this. "So, will you help me?", you ask confidently. *SMACK* You are hit with the shoe once and are lying on the floor like a flat piece of paper #Don't worry, you're not hurt, it's supposed to be funny, like a cartoon.#

Written by an anonymous author

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