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She's a firestarter . . . twisted firestarter..

You wake up but a few minutes later. To your horror, the milkmaid is gone and the grassland and plants surrounding you have been scorched and baked black. Someone - or something - has started one MAJOR forest fire... and you're right in the middle of it, with no possible way out! Even in wolf form, you'd be hard pressed to jump it, and you don't have the stength to transform!

"HEEEEELP!" you half scream, half choke, the smoke from the fire blinding and suffocating you. To your relief, a figure floats over the fire towards you... it must be the vampiress! But, to your utter horror, it is the milkmaid, her skin now pale and her face cadaverously unanimated.

"Welcome, werewolf, to the valley of FIRESTARTER!!" she shrieks, flames leaping around her. She wasn't a milkmaid, she was another monster - ol' firestarter!

Written by an anonymous author (edited by wanderer)

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