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...the food runs out.

A few weeks of constant gorging and eating leave will obviously leave you in less than thrilling condition. To call you fat would bean understatement. There is no actual category of fattness to put you in other than ridiculously obese.

Beneath your Wolfy fur coat your body bulges with flesh. Your chest,flank, even tail are all thickly coated with fat and your gut now rests comfortably on the ground regardless of sitting, standing, or even laying on your back, which we don't recommend as your weight would crush you if you did.

Instead you laze about laying on your side for the next few weeks eating and sleeping and of course eating...until one day the cave runs out of food. "Don't you worry Fluffy I am going to go out and hunt for some food!" The dragon says. She throws open the door to her cave only to find the entrance has been completely covered over in snow.

You watch as the dragon pain stakingly digs the entrance free. After some hours she finely squeezes through and dissapears out into the winter air.

Did we mention you are left alone for the first time in weeks? You could try to escape, although its doubtful you will get very far. Still, better than nothing right?

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