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The Santa suit

Grinning, you grab the padded Santa costume - you've always wanted to be a mall Santa. You lug the heavy costume to a change room, then close the door and strip to your underwear and singlet. You look at your pitifully thin frame for several seconds in the mirror, then pick up the suit and begin pulling it on.

The padding of the outfit appears sewn into the clothing itself, so you're able to start getting dressed immediately. You pull on the pants first, slipping your legs into the heavily-padded red fabric, which fits snugly. You put on the boots next, then grab the suit itself. The padded undershirt slips over your lithe frame easily, then settles around your torso. You have to admit, it's pretty realistic - the fat jiggles and bounces like jelly whenever you move, and you can actually feel the extra weight pulling you down. The suit goes on next, and you buckle the belt tightly around your new belly. Finally, you attach the fake beard and put on the hat, and turn to the mirror.

You're the exact image of Santa. Not that you expected anything different, really. The suit has made you virtually unrecognisable, even to yourself - you actually look like the real deal! You grin and belt out a hearty "Ho Ho Ho!", then break down in a fit of loud guffaws and chuckling. After calming down, you decide to...

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