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Puttin' on the poundage

You realise that you can't pass up this opportunity - besides, it's not like anything'll happen, right? Grinning, you pick up the colossal outfit and look for a zipper. You find it at the back after taking off the singlet, well hidden beneath the rubbery skin of the costume.

After thinking for a bit, you put the outfit on the ground, face-down, then step into it. Once your feet are in place, you slowly hoist up the heavy suit, slipping your arms, then your head, into the spacious costume. Once you're positioned, you go to zip it up at the back...

Only to find that the zipper's disappeared. You frown and blindly search your back for a zip or tag, but all you come up against is your own flesh. Must have some auto-sealing function on it or something... You search for a little longer, then give up and take a look in the mirror. Unsurprisingly, you're a fatass, and a big one at that. Your large stomach and breasts dominate most of your figure, which is rounded (heh) out nicely by your swollen limbs. Your face is much chubbier, and you have the startings of a third chin - your neck is all but gone under the many folds and wrinkles of your skin.

You eventually manage to tear your eyes away from your reflection, and grab the singlet. You pull it on over your head, then attempt to get it over your gut, but fail miserably - the stubborn fabric becomes trapped tightly around your flabby belly. You're surprised you can feel the pressure through the outfit - shouldn't it be dampened by the padding? You poke your rotund stomach experimentally, and jump in shock as a spike of pain jolts through your gut. Realisation dawns, and you realise that this isn't a costume anymore...

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