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Crowd pleasing.

The two of you colide with the force of two cars colliding with each other. The only thing that keeps you from rebounding like a rubber ball off of Ray's substantually larger mass is your technique, as you keep your center of gravity lower, preventing yourself from being pushed around as easily. Ray merely pushes from a higher position, which keeps him relativly unbalanced compared to you. Still, he has a great deal of weight in his favor, keeping you from pushing him in any way either.

When you both figure out that neither is going to be knocked over by your initial bout, you begin grappling with one another, each trying to get a good hold on the other so you can toss the other. The strategy proves inaffective as well, as your unable to lift Ray in order to heave him about, while Ray lacks the flexability a Sumo would have developed to manuver around his bulk to get an effective grip.

What you finally resort to is pushing and slapping each other, trying to knock each other back with brute force, in which Ray has the advantage, his blows forcing you back towards the edge of the ring, your own blows merely creating ripples in his vask belly. It is not long before you are hugging the edge. Realizing your about to be pushed out, you duck his next swing, dodging around him back towards the center of the ring.

The match between you two had begun with the wolves watching with mild interest, but as it picks up, wolves start getting into it, cheering either you or Ray on as the two of you go at it. As time goes by, the momentum of the crowd builds as you avoid close calls, land blows and try different manuvers to try and push Ray over. A good half hour later, the courtyard is filled with the roar of the crowd, leaving you convinced that your idea was working.

Meanwhile, your getting tired, your exercize over the past months has you much more prepared for this, you can see that Ray is sweating trying to keep up. Like many of the wolves, he's let himself go, and the unaccustomed weight has handicapped him in addition to his lack of activity, however, he's nothing if not persistant. He's not giving up and forcing himself to move, and his staggering weight makes him pretty much a tank despite lack of experiance in this sport. However, you can see he is tired and off balanced trying to carry his weight. Taking advantage of this, you lunge at one of his legs wrapping your arms around it and pulling up. If you can lift it, you can send ray toppling backwards and win this thing, so putting the rest of your energy in, you strain all your muscles, and...

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