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You begin showing slides and videos off the internet that explain the concepts and history of sumo wrestling. You figure that with everyone essentially rounded out, the best type of competition they could have now is one where being heavyset was not necessarily a disadvantage. But you can tell by the expressions of the pack that the idea isn't going across with them as well as you'd hoped. Once the lights come back on they are quick to question your logic.

"So let's get this strait," says one of the wolves in the front row. "You want us to dress up and diapers and start hugging each other?" The tone in his voice is pure skepticism, and the murmurs going across the room voice a certain agreement with his criticism. "It's a legitimate sport," you say in defense of your idea, "And it's better then just moping about all day. How exactly is that helping anything? If anything it's only compounding problems. Yes, we've been handed a bad hand, but if we're going to fold the moment life hands us a lemon, then we may as well no longer call ourselves wolves. At least this way were getting exercise..."

"Please, that's not exercise, that's fancy dancing!" interrupts another. "Really?" you ask in a testy tone, "Care to put that to the test then? Want to face off with me in a match? See just how easy it is?" You put out the challenge, knowing full we'll that this would probably decide the fate of the pack. The wolves were usually up for any challenge thrown at them, but with the current depression this could decide wither the pack simply rolled over, or wither you can ignite their spirits once more. Your heart pounds as you hope some wolf rises to the challenge...

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