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The bodybuilder Skinsuit

After searching through the aisles and finding nothing, you return to the bodybuilder outfit. Seeing nothing else to wear, you decide to try this one out for size. You pull it off the rack and head for one of the changerooms, then close the door and strip. The tag says that you have to get fully naked in order to wear the costume, but you're hesitant - however, after a few minutes of internal conflict, you take off the rest of your clothes. What's the worst that could happen?

You pick up the outfit, and look it over. It's made of some sort of rubber, although it feels and looks like skin. It has a large amount of muscle, and stands several centimetres taller than you (the height was actually 190 cm, you misread it). After a bit of searching, you find the zipper at the back, hidden under a flap. When the flap is in place, the costume looks completely seamless - like it's actually someone's skin. Maybe it used to be... You shake off that thought hurriedly, and unzip the costume.

You stick your legs in first, and the costume quickly moulds to fit them almost perfectly - it's like you're wearing nothing at all! You slide your arms in next, then pull the costume over your head like a shirt, and position yourself inside it. After a bit of struggling, you finally find the eye-holes, and can see out of the costume. You reach behind and zip it up, then look in the mirror.

You're completely un-recognisable - the costume really is realistic! It's like you're looking at an entirely different person... The costume somehow fits you perfectly, too - it feels amazing, natural, almost. You flex experimentally, and a large curve of muscle rises from your arm - your skin pulls taught across the bulging meat. You grin, then realise that something's off - you shouldn't have be able to feel that - isn't this a costume? You give the costume's arm a pinch, and jump at the shock of pain as you pinch your own skin. This ain't no costume...

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