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Big wolf in castle

The first thing you notice when you open your eyes is the sky. You're no longer in your room, instead you appear to be outside in the castle courtyard. You find that strange, you would have thought that the Alpha would have kept you in bed until your transformation was complete, though your not sure, it seemed so long ago that this started.

The second thing you see is Cameron, sitting in a chair a sort distance off, though apparently he is napping since his eyes are closed and he is snoring slightly. He must still be watching over you, which was nice of him, he really didn't have to do that because of his rank, but it's reassuring to know you have at least one real friend here.

You rise to your feet, and immediately note something is off. The level of your vision to the ground. You should have been looking from under Cameron when you where a wolf, and even when you were midway before ending up on all fours, he was still taller then you. However, now your looking down at him, a good foot or so higher then him. And that's not all, you can tell that your not standing on two legs. You look down, and see the wolf paws below you, still canine as ever, however, by comparison, they are now massive! You spin about, looking over yourself. Your still a wolf, but you can't really call yourself that, as your size is now comparable to a small truck! You could probably pick Cameron up in your mouth if you wanted to! Astonished at this change, you are taken by surprise when a voice says, "Finally awake I see."

You recognize the Alpha's voice, and turn to look down on him. "What the heck happened to me?" you ask, then realized "Hey I can talk again!" Big plus, though not the only big thing about this. "Apparently there is a reason we don't have wolf pack members." notes the Alpha, "You began growing after the third night, we had to move you out here before you got stuck." You swish your tail experimentally, though you almost feel like you are swinging a tree trunk for it's size. "How long was I out?" you question. "About a week and a half." The alpha says, "How are you feeling?" You think about it and say...

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