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The costume shop

You look around the empty store - there's no-one in sight, and the lights are off. Must be past closing time... You turn back to the closet door, only to find that it's now the door to a changing room. You go inside anyway, but all you find is a mirror and a bench - you're not getting back that way. You leave the change room and decide to take a look around the store.

The store has every costume you could ever think of - books, games, movies, this place has it all. It even has entire sections dedicated to franchises - full-body outfits, accurate to the last detail, line the aisles and shelves. There are many different skin-suits, too - hyper-realistic outfits that look almost exactly like real people. You could easily get lost in here; the shop seems to just keep going...

After wandering for a while, you finally find yourself looking at...

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