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"Big and Hairy" - emphasis on "Big".

You're about to try tightening the belt back up, when suddenly your stomach growls loudly, and you start to feel heavier.

Your toned abs bloat outwards dramatically, the colossal wave of blubber tearing through your pants like they're made of paper. Your pecs soften and swell, and within seconds you have a large pair of jiggling man-boobs with match your still-growing beer gut. Your arms and legs inflate like balloons, as layers of heavy muscle and fat build up over your bones, which are growing thicker as you change. Your shoulders broaden, and your chest deepens, giving you a barrel-chested look. Your chiseled jaw swells, and your fat neck disappears beneath the many layers of flab and blubber as your hairy chin doubles, then triples. Your ass jettisons backwards, destroying the last few strands of your pants and underwear, and throwing you off balance. You stumble backwards and fall flat on the bed, which breaks under your newfound weight. You lie there for several minutes in shock, until the growth finally stops.

You groan and attempt to sit up, but fail miserably - your gut is too heavy, and you can't lift it. You manage to roll to the side, though, and pull yourself up that way, using the wall as support. Once you're back on your own two feet, you lumber over to the mirror and take a look at yourself.

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