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Blobby Bobby

As you brace yourself for the first slice of cake, a loud gurgle fills the air you recognize as a stomach growling loudly. "Um... Bob..." says one of the wolves at your side, "You're face is..." he cuts off. You open your eyes to see what he means, looking at Bob even as he looks confused. "What? What about my face?" he says as your eyes go wide. Bob's cheeks look like there swelling up, as if he were having some sort of allergic reaction. Bob feels at his face, and feels the roundness of his cheeks. "What the.." he says to himself, before he notices his fingers and hands are also swelling up. Now that you notice it, the rest of Bob seems to be having the same reaction, his arms filling out as his stomach begins groaning and stretching outward, the sound like stretching rubber.

Bob looks at you, and his face turns to rage. "YOU, I KNEW TI WAS YOU!" he says, lurching his swelling bulk forward. "THIS PROOVES IT! I'M GONNA STUFF YOU TILL YOU EXPLODE!" He lunges at you, but his stomach connects first, knocking the two pinning you away like bowling ball pins and knocking you to your back before the still growing sack of lard comes down on you, pinning you to the floor. Bob tries to reach for you, lunging forward and swiping with his paws, the piece of cake still in hand, but at this point his girth has outgrown his reach, his stomach acting as a barrier leaving him swiping at empty air as his chubby limbs thrash about. "ARRRHHHHHHH!" he yell's in frustration, as he realizes that his own girth is impeding his attack. "FINE," he cries, "If I can't stuff you, I'LL CRUSH YOU INSTEAD!" and with that he pushes his growing belly forward, even as it swells bigger then even Cameron's was.

You feel the weight of Bob's stomach increase as he shifts his center of gravity on you, the flow of fatty flesh engulfing you up to your shoulders and pushing air from your lungs as the sheer weight of in compresses on you. However, Bob's efforts cause him to bounce as he tries to keep his weight on you, giving you periods where you manage a few mouthfuls of air. But Bob is persistent, "Keep the weight coming fatty, I'm gonna turn you into a smear on the ground!" He pushes even harder, his swelling form sifting to push over your neck threatening to cover you completely in a tide of fur and fat. However, suddenly the swelling stops, inches from your muzzle, as if someone somewhere had turned off a tap, leaving Bob a giant furry water balloon. You breath a sigh of relief. "Seriously Bob, I don't know what's going on but..."

"NO, YOU DON'T GET OFF THAT EASY!" interrupts a furious Bob, and he shoves the slice of chocolate cake into his mouth, quickly followed by the next two. "GET ME SOME MORE!" he yells, icing and crubs flying from his mouth as he shoves more into his maw. The other wolves, who at this point are two terrified to argue with the elephantine wolf who could easily squash them by sitting on them, begin to pass up more food. Bob binges, and soon the advance of his stomach starts to pick up again as he forces more and more into himself at a rate that would be the envy of trash compactors. "Wait! Bob, DON'T" you cry, as his gut swells outward, but the mountainous wolf isn't listening, "YOU WANT A FAT WOLF, WE'LL HERE I AM THE FATTEST WOLF EVER, ENJOY YOU HANDIWORK!" He yells as he gluts himself, rolling forward as his form swells, causing a tidal wave of flab to fall over your face, cutting off your air and smothering you in a thick warm layer of lard.

You hold your breath, struggling to get free, but the wolfs weight is too much, pretty soon you feel your lungs burning, and you start getting light headed as things start fading into black...

Written by an anonymous author

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