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Who knew beer was so fattening?

Sam pulls out a bottle of beer, and chucks it over to you. You catch it, barely, and look at the label - "Fatman 150 - Hairy Edition".

"What kind of brand is this?" You ask.

"Doesn't matter." Sam says, "Just drink it - you'll be bigger in no time."

You raise an eyebrow, then open the bottle and down the contents. It's surprisingly sweet, and you feel yourself getting warmer already. Your stomach growls loudly, and the warm feeling intensifies as the beer begins working it's magic. Your flat gut suddenly swells outward, and you stumble forward as your centre of gravity shifts drastically. The advancing wave of blubber quickly overtakes the waistband of your pants, and sends your shirt riding up to your chest, which has begun to swell as well - your normally toned pecs have grown with your stomach, and now rest heavily on your still-swelling belly.

Your arms inflate, swelling as your muscles are swamped by layer upon layer of jiggling fat. The sleeves of your shirt tear as your upper arms double in size, and even your hands become pudgier, your fingers beginning to resemble plump sausages. Your shoulders broaden and thicken, as does your neck, and your chest deepens as your ribs grow larger. Your face begins to grow chubbier, and your cheeks swell outwards as your chin inflates and doubles, cascading down your neck and engulfing it entirely.

By now, your ass has at least trebled in size, and the seat of your pants has been utterly destroyed, hanging by mere threads from your tortured belt. Your thighs and calves have also swollen to preposterous proportions, and your legs have begun to rub against each other - you're going to have to waddle once this is over. Your feet have long disappeared beneath the curve of your colossal belly, and you have the feeling you won't be seeing them again.

As your growth slows and finally stops, a prickling sensation begins over your stretched skin. You look down at your arms to find that you're growing hairier - within seconds, your normally smooth skin has been covered by a thick forest of dark, curly hairs. The growth isn't just confined to your arms - your chest and gut develop a covering of fuzz, as do your legs. Finally, the hair growth begins on your face, and a beard grows over your wobbling chin and jowls, reaching down to your swollen man-tits.

The warmth disappears as the last dregs of beer fade from your mouth, and the changes stop. You break out of the trance, and look yourself over.

Written by an anonymous author

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