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"Would you kindly..."

You watch for any changes, afraid of what Blathory may have just done to you, but aside from being partially douse, you don't feel any different. This doesn't seem to deter Blathory though, as the troll returns with a silver platter in his hands. He places it in front of you and lifts it, revealing a single doughnut on the plate. You can already see where this is going.

"You really don't expect me to eat that?" you say, fold your arms in resolve. She could place all the food she wanted in front of you, that doesn't mean your stupid enough to eat it. Blathory looks at you evily. "Would you kindly?" she says simply. "Yeah... gulp... right, I'm not about too..." you begin, only then realizing the plate is not empty, and there is a lingering sweet taste in your mouth, and crumbs in your fur. You hadn't even registered the movement. You look at your paws in disbelief.

"Hold your nose," says Blathory as you stare, and automatically your hand goes to your nose and holds it. Your attempts to let go don't seem to even register in your muscles. "What did you do?" you ask. "A simple compliance potion, a little spritz and whatever it coats does the bidding of whomever sprayed it." She says. Quickly you try to get up from your seat, now that your not bound, a run for it may be the best plan. You struggle to rise, but your hand remains at your nose, and your bulk is such that the chair hugs at your sides and makes it difficult to unwedge yourself. Blathory sees your attempts. "Hold yourself down if you try to escape." she says, and your hands immediately go to the arms of the chair and force you back down firmly so any further struggles are in vain.

Meanwhile Boris, and a number of other trolls in tow, have brought platter after platter of food into the room and placed it on the table. It all looks delicious, turkey, rolls, stews, cakes, pies, etc, though you wonder where exactly they managed to get all of it. "Agatha may have kept her workshop hidden, but we've been able to steal from her pantry for years," says Blathory, as if able to read your mind. "And if I were you, I'd think about spilling the beans, or else we'll just have to see if we can make that little nightmare of yours a reality..."

Written by Spots

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