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This must be a gym change room...

The footsteps grow louder, impossibly loud, and in walks the fattest man you've ever seen, dressed in sporting clothes. You almost fall off the toilet in shock. You manage to catch yourself in time, then gape at this colossal monster of a man. He's at least double - no, triple your size, and it's all fat. All of it. His huge stomach dominates his figure, making him seem almost blueberry-like in appearance - it'd be comical, if not for the utter seriousness of the man's stride.

This is a man who means business.

After him follow several other professional-looking men, significantly smaller than their humungous predecessor, but still rather chubby. From your vantage point in the cubicle, you can clearly see them walk towards the benches, then begin changing. They must be in a group or something... You decide to give them a but of privacy, since this is a PG story and all.

By sheer luck, you look up just as the first of them begin to leave - everyone else is either putting things away in lockers or doing other chores. You spy the first guy putting away his singlet and shorts - he seems a lot smaller now, for some reason. You try to get a closer look, but have to duck down as one of them passes by your stall - by the time you're back up, the man has left. The last few stragglers disappear one after the other, and you exit the stall.

What now?

Written by an anonymous author

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