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You're home! Only it's not exactly your home...

As soon as you return to the waking world, you realise something's up. You feel... different, somehow. You open your eyes and immediately notice that the ceiling's a different colour. You throw off the covers and sit up, looking around the new environment. It's definitely not the room you were in before - this place seems a lot more modern, like a suburban house, or an apartment. There's a desk and a computer in the corner, a few drawers spread around the walls, and a chest under the window for some reason. You get up and look out said window, and find that you are, indeed, in a house - it's almost certainly not yours, though. Where are you, then?

Your thoughts are interrupted by a knock on the door. "Breakfast is ready. Are you coming down?"

You answer without thinking. "Sure, just let me get dressed."

You hear footsteps moving away from the room, then go over to one of the dressers to grab some clothes. Maybe whoever you're living with can explain what's going on...

Written by an anonymous author

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