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One size fits all!

Oh come on, another singlet? You already have two of them! You strongly consider chucking it back into the pile and picking something else, but you decide to put it on anyway - after all, what's the worst that could happen?

After taking off your shirt and singlet, you start pulling on the new singlet. It takes a few seconds to find the bottom, due to the sheer amount of fabric that it's made out of, but once you locate it, you easily slide yourself into the massive garment. For several seconds, all you can see is grey, and then your head emerges from the top. You push your arms through the arm-holes with a bit of difficulty, then attempt to pull the front down over your stomach.

You fail miserably, and quickly realise that the singlet's too small - you'll never be able to get it over your gut. Odd, you don't remember having a belly this big...

Written by an anonymous author

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