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Royal treatment indeed...

You have a fitful nights sleep for once, waking only when you hear Mary's voice softly whispering "Master, I have run the bath for you, feel free to use it when you get up." You are pretty sure you fell back asleep for a little while, but it is enough to start the wake up process, and you soon open your eyes to see the sun is shining through the windows. You yawn and roll out of bed, scratching what you can, which in your case is mostly belly. Despite feeling rested, something feels a little off, though your still in a groggy state and can't quite pin it down. Still, you head towards the Roman bath. You are able to unbutton your shirt by simply pulling apart where you can't reach, and manage to slide your pants off.

Something is still off, some alarm in your head is going off, but again our grogginess prevents you from identifying it as you slip into the warm water, a feeling of relief hitting your legs the refreshing feeling rushes over you. You look towards the ceiling, then wonder at the glare of gold in your vision, there weren't any windows in here, so how was the sun...

Then you take notice. It not the glare of the sun. You look at the expanse of your belly the floats atop the water. Instead of the gray wolf fur you had become accustomed to, your instead seeing a covering of golden fur. A slight feeling of panic hits you as you sit up, looking down the vast field of gold like it was a harvest of wheat. You look at your arms, and find they too are covered with it, your pudgy paws possessing a brown padding, the canine claws on your fingers replaced by sharp retractable ones. You feel around your face, and find your muzzle shorter, wider, with whiskers on each side, and feel a mess of fur around your head and neck. You look down to see a brightly colored mane hanging over the middle of your chest. You turn, looking down your sides towards your tail, and see a tuft of fur connected to a sausage like appendage. You've become a lion!

You can help but let out a yelp bordering on a scream. pacing around in the water as you process the development. Almost instantly Mary appears through the wall, "What is it Mas..." she says, before she stops in shock. "What the heck happened!?" you cry out, tugging at the rounded ears atop your head, looking to Mary for answers, though she looks as dumbfounded as you. "I... I don't know..." she says, "I've never seen this before." The look of astonishment on her face tells you she is telling the truth. You begin recalling the events of last night. You didn't touch anything that seemed magical, nothing you ate had a strange taste, and you didn't feel funny going to bed either. Then you recall the banners in the dining hall. "The coat of arms has a lion on it." you say out loud. "But the coat of arms aren't magical." says Mary, "Why would that have anything to do with this?" You not sure yourself, though you have a guess. It's crap logic but all you have, "Well, I'm the master of the castle now, so maybe something about that reacts to magic, if there is any, so, instead of a wolf, I became a lion."

Mary looks doubtful, but she doesn't really have any other explanation either. "Does this change anything?" she asks, "Should I still..." Looking over yourself, you interrupt her, "No, nothing has really changed, I still need access to the workshop, and I still need you to deliver my papers." Really, the only thing that's changed is your species, and, really, it's not SO bad. You take a big handful of your stomach, yep, nothings changed. "I do wish it had taken so weight off though," you admit openly, looking down at the great expanse.

"I'm standing here naked." you realize suddenly. "Out!" you yell, as you duck lower in the water, as Mary flees the scene. You have enough embarrassment without being gawked at in your birthday suit by undead women.

Written by Spots

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