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Follow your nose...

Where you can't really do anything about your looks or being lost, you can at least try to alleviate your hunger, after all, other things have to live in the swamp so there has to bee something to eat somewhere. You start wandering around at random, looking out for pitfalls and bogs, still wary of how your excess weight may make you more vulnerable to natural sinkholes. You also keep your eye out for things to help you figure out your location in relation to the castle, but the canopy above pretty much keeps you from seeing the moon or stars. Luckly your new form seems to have excellent night vision, so at least your not blind.

After a short amount of time, you've managed to find a few, somewhat edible plants, some purple berries, though they look pretty poisonous, a few tough roots and leaves. Nothing all that appatizing to be honest. Your about to make do when you smell something sweet amongst that stagnet swamp smell. Following your nose, you see a tree with a number of large squash shaped yellow fruit. Compared to your previous findings, there no question of which is more desirable. You approach and reach up, plucking the first one within reach, and are about to bite into it when...

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