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Not really your day, is it?

Realizing that your shirt probably absorbed a good portion of the liquids, you pull it off, the formerly white shirt looking more like tye dye from the number of potions that coat it. You toss it to the ground as you begin trying to wash what is left on your body off of your torso, a massive feat in itself. You scrub at yourself wherever your able to reach, even crouching to send the stream of the tap down your back, hoping to dilute and wash off everything there as you work on your arms, scrubbing off as much as you can.

The water turns your fur a grungy brown color, and as you scrub and rinse, it leaves your fur a mossy green color... wait, green? That seemed off. You examine the spot of discoloration, and find that it seems bigger then before... and getting bigger! As you watch, the color spreads, along your arms, and as it reaches your hands, you see it's not just the fur, your skin also changes to that dark green. Coloration doesn't seem to be the only change, as your paws lengthen a bit, becoming less canine and more primate, though the blunt claws instead sharpen, leaving them looking like a shaggy green yeti. Looking down, you see the change reaching your torso, spreading over your vast frame, looking all the world like a field of grass springing up over you. you feel your innards shifting slightly, and a crack in your spine as your tail begins changing, becoming less bushy and more prehensile though tipped with a flame shaped tuft that reminds you of a lion. Your muzzle thickens and shortens slightly, your your teeth sharpening and lengthening, as a pair of tusks poke out your mouth, pointing upwards, you feel a pain in your skull, and reach up to feel a pair of horns starting to grow, curving forward into sharp points. Your ears transition into points, and then split into a secondary tip overlapping the first. Just as you think the changes are over, you see a number of purple splotches blotch your fur, leaving you a dark green with purple polka-dots.

When everything settles, you have no idea what you are, only that you've apparently become a random mismatch of potion induced, leaving you a massively fat unidentifiable monster. Crap, why do these things always happen to you?

Written by Spots

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