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Eye of newt anyone?

The wall swirve around, stoping with a jerk that sends you toppling over. You land on you stomach, though in all honesty, roll seems the better term, as the smooth transition from feet to belly indicates very little lose of contact with the ground. You find yourself looking up from floor level at what you can describe as a very stereotypical depiction of a witches lair. Roots hang from the ceiling, lined with comwebs, shelves stocked with bottles of bizare ingrdiants, jars of eyeballs, all the way down to a large cauldron in the middle of the room, bubbling with a green liquid from a blazing fire. Fortunatly, it seems, nobody is home at the moment.

You wobble your way back to your feet, looking around for a place to sart looking for the black root. The sooner you get out of here the better, and your self preservation instincts say not to go poking around into anything othr then what you came for. You start at the sheleves, looking for the same root you had worked before, however Blathory looks a little less open aobut whet jars contain what, as many are clay pots with lids, leaving you to look through each one by one. While some contain plants, others contain fowl substances or worse, living things you'd rather forget about. Finally you stumble upon something that looks like what your looking for on one of the bottom shelves. In a reed basket you see thetips of what looks like blackroot sticking out. Your forced to stoop down and bend to reach for it. As you do...

Written by Spots

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