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This is getting really weird now.

You frown as you look at the work piece of leather in your hand. You were expecting something a little more clothesy, like a shirt, or a pair of pants. You look at the belt a little more closely, and find a tag on the inner side - "Big and Hairy - variable size!" You have absolutely no idea what that means.

You consider throwing it back in the pile, then change your mind and decide to try it on anyway. You remove your own belt, and slip the new one around your waist. Oddly, it doesn't go all the way - the smallest you can get it is still at least twice your size. You can't even get it past that size - it's like it's stuck or something. You groan and go to undo the belt, when your skin suddenly starts prickling.

You look down at your arms, and discover that they're getting hairier - your normally smooth skin quickly grows into a forest of dark, curly hair. You take off your shirt and singlet, and find that the same has happened to your chest and stomach. You reach up to your face and realise that you have a thick beard. What the hell's going on?

You suddenly remember the tag on the belt - "Big and Hairy". You brush your hands over your now-furry body. Well, you're definitely hairy now, but what about the "Big" part?

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