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You frown. "The Void? Come on, couldn't you be a little more specific?"

She sighs. "The Void is a place of abstract thought. Few mortals ever visit, and those that do, do not usually survive for that long."

"Abstract thought?"

"The Void will project whatever is in a mortal's mind onto the physical plane. It is one of the many... features of it's construction."

You laugh. "What, so if I imagined a cheeseburger, then one would magically appe--" you are interrupted as a cheeseburger suddenly materialises out of thin air. "Uh..."

"As I said, abstract thought." She says. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I have other duties to attend to."

"Wait!" You yell, then quickly remember your manners. "Please. Could I at least have your name, or your number? I'll probably get lost or something."

She stops for several seconds, obviously in thought. "My name is Aster. Just call my name if you need assistance." She walks off into the darkness and disappears.

What now?

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