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To your horror, one by one, the demons begin to spurt from the box. First out is Grim - just like the drawing, he's all cloaked up and carrying a scythe, floating a few inches off the ground. He has no visible feet. Next come Diablo - a monstrous bull-demon that takes up almost the entire room - and Belial, who's even bigger than Diablo! He's about 50 feet tall - good job the room is so large. You quickly turn tail and run as an insidious, sepulchral voice hisses from the hood.

"Where isss the fool that releassssed usss?"

You hide behind a pillar as more demons emerge. They all say something similar. Most frightening is 'Gulakhan' - a black mist envelops the whole room and a monstrous shadowy creature appears, with no visible face, but gleaming red eyes. Finally, the last three emerge. With an awful "CRACK", the earth splits open and many different things come up - instruments of torture, locusts, weapons, things of that nature. They float together and, in a flash of light, form into a shadow similar to Gulakhan, but purple - Pain. After that a truly monstrous creature leaps into the room - it's about 8 feet tall with four seperate tentacles hanging from its torso and two heads, both skulls - Death. And finally the sky turns black and the ground beneath you begins to transform into dirt and lava as Hades appears. He's less frightening than the others - a handsome, muscular, bearded man, dressed in stylish white clothes and with a sword at his side. But his eyes gleam pure black, the sword is decorated with skulls, and his belt has animal teeth hanging from it. He's horrifying.

"Where is the one who released us? We must congratulate him." His voice is powerful and intelligent.. But there's something monstrously mocking and evil about it. A kind of deceitful undertone. But, congratulate sounds nice.. he might even reward you!

Should you reveal yourself?

Written by Lestat (edited by wanderer)

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