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You're a tourist!

While the other clothes are nice and all, something about the shirt calls to you. You pick it up and take a closer look. It's patterned with a bright, flowery design, and seems to be designed for people of a larger composition - I.e, fat. It looks like the kind of thing you'd see on a fat, hairy tourist. The thought disgusts you, but you still feel compelled to put the shirt on...

You give in to the temptation and switch your own shirt for the new one, which you button up over your singlet. It's surprisingly clean for something that's been kept in a closet for God-knows-how-long, and is comfortable, despite being at least 10 sizes too large. You look in the mirror, and find that it actually looks pretty good on you.

"If only I was fatter..." You think jokingly.

You laugh; a deep, pot-bellied chortle, then unbutton the shirt and reach for your normal one. For some reason, you seem to be moving a lot slower - your body feels a lot heavier than it should. You shrug it off as tiredness, then pull your shirt on and attempt to button it up. Sadly, it's ten sizes too small - you can't even get it around your chest, let alone your gut. What the heck? This fitted you perfectly just a few minutes ago!

"Lousy goddamn stupid..."

You realise that it's not just the shirt that's shrunken - everything is tight! You peel the all-too-tight shirt off with a bit of difficulty, then turn to the mirror. Just as you suspected...

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