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Scientific singlets, how unexpected.

As you consider your choices, you notice that the grey singlet has some sort of knob on the side. Out of curiosity, you pick it up and check the dial out. It has a series of numbers, from 1 to 400, printed around the edges, and can be pressed in when you reach a number. You wonder what it's for? You try dialing it to 100, then press it in, but nothing happens. Maybe you have to be wearing it? You pull of your own shirt and singlet, and pull on the grey one. Just for kicks, you set the dial to 150, then press it in, not expecting anything to happen.

You suddenly begin feeling heavier, and your stomach swells outward. Your pecs soften and grow with it, and your shoulders broaden to accomadate the extra girth. Your arms and legs swell with blubber, and your ass jettisons backwards. Needless to say, your pants are ruined. Your chin grows, then doubles and joins with your flabby chest, and your neck disappears completely. All this happens within the space of several seconds, and the sudden change in weight sends you to the ground. You stay there for several seconds in shock, then muster the willpower to get up and take a look at yourself.

You're fat, obviously. Your normally flat stomach has swollen into a huge, jiggling sack of fat, while your pecs have developed into a set of generous man-tits which rest heavily on it. Your arms and legs are wrapped in layers of lard, and your ass forms a definite shelf around your back. Your chins completely cover your now-non-existent neck, and your cheeks have swollen too.

You guess that the singlet did this to you, and set the dial back to 90. You automatically begin shrinking - your stomach and chest sink back into your body, while your arms and legs thin back to their original size. Your ass shrinks as well, and your face returns to its normal proportions. Within a few seconds, you're back to the normal, thin, you.

What now?

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