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The Worker-O-Matic sure does its job well...

By the time you're done, the "Memory warper" button has turned off, and the "Speed" dial has been set to Fast. Time to see if this thing actually does something!

You tighten the belt on the all-too-loose pants, then put the wheel back in your pocket and pull on the overalls - the instructions said you had to be wearing everything. They slide easily over your shoulders, then hang loosely over your relatively thin frame. After several seconds, you realise that you're growing softer - your arms, legs, and especially your stomach are beginning to sag outwards. Your limbs inflate like balloons, while your gut swells and quickly begins to rub against the fabric of the uniform. Your waist broadens, and within seconds you're finding the belt is digging into your belly, which has already begun to sag over it.

Your chest and shoulders also begin to swell at about this point; your pecs inflate outwards, and begin to grow heavier - moments later you have a size D rack which rests heavily on your still growing gut. Your shoulders broaden to accommodate the extra girth, and you can feel your bones shifting and creaking as they thicken. Your ribs, now hidden beneath your jiggling man-boobs, double in size, and you grow several centimetres taller, and wider.

Your chin doubles, and your cheeks inflate outwards to the point that they resemble a chipmunk's. Your neck disappears beneath your wobbling jowls, which quickly begin to meld into your upper torso.

Your arms and legs, which a few seconds ago were only filled with fat, begin to gain muscle as well. Your thighs and calves expand and strengthen, and you find it a little easier to stand. Your ass, which was already big enough, also grows larger, to the point that the fabric of the uniform is straining against it. Your arms and torso gain muscle as well, although most of it is covered by your many layers of blubber. The extra mass does show, though; you quickly fill in the rest of the slack in the uniform, which now fits you (almost) perfectly.

The transformation stops, and you look yourself over.

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