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Two Pokemon!

[Ah, yes, I'll hide behind this big rock!] "Hey Blue! I think i saw something!" [Whoever it is better not mean me... wait, Blue? Did he just say Blue, as in the anime?] "Yes, I think I saw it too Chimchar, behind that rock right?" "Yeah." [Oh no, he does mean me. My only option now is to go in that cave and hope I lose them!] *rushes for cave* "Hey, wait!" [ I must lose them!] { LATER...} *Beach Cave Depths* [ Ack! A dead end? This is bad! Ah, another rock i can hide behind!] "They have to be here somewhere, where else could they be?" [Please don't find me please don't find me!] "It looks like there's nothing here..." "I guess it was just our imagination Chimchar..." "I guess so." [Yes! I'm safe!]

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