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As the full moon shines brightly, you smell the scent of animals... no, Ctarls! You hide quickly just for a measure of safety. After all, you don't know anything about these creatures, umm, Ctarls. Your pulse races, you hear your heart pounding and suddenly out of the shadows you see a male ctarl. The ctarl must be a warrior... his muscles bulge nearly 10 inches and he is wearing face paint. Suddenly, three other "warriors" appear. They seem to be looking for something, and somehow you KNOW they're looking for you. You step out of the darkness just before they are on top of you. "Here I am" you say in a language that you understand not. The warriors tell you things in some foreign tongue and you somehow know to go with them. You follow these warriors to a tunnel and they disappear into it, leaving you in the darkness with the choice to go in or be left in a world that you know nothing of. Do you enter? If so, read on If not you return to the human world as a ctarl-ctarl what is your decision?

Written by Kitty (edited by wanderer)

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