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It gets worse.

You attempt to adjust the clothes one last time, then sigh and go to unlock the stall door when you begin to feel strange. A warm feeling wells in your middle, then spreads all over your body, from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. The warm feeling persists for several moments, then disappears and is replaced by an uncomfortable swelling sensation, seemingly centred around your stomach. You also begin to feel slower, heavier almost. You look under the singlet to find a gut that is slightly rounder than you remember.

You stare at the growing mound dumbly for several seconds before you realise you're gaining weight.

As soon as the thought registers, your gut suddenly swells outward, spilling out past its boundaries like dough. You gasp in shock and grab your quickly growing stomach with fingers that are swelling before your very eyes like sausages, while every part of your body inflates like you've been filled with balloons. Your pecs soften and transform into watermelon-sized sacks of fat, which rest heavily on your still-expanding belly, which has begun to droop over the belt of the pants. Your legs and arms inflate like water balloons, encasing the limbs in thick doughnuts (mmm, doughnuts) of blubber. Your ass jettisons backwards, and quickly rivals your gut in size. Your chin swells and doubles, and a thick beard forms over what was once your neck as hair sprouts all over your body.

All this happens in a matter of seconds, and the sudden shift in weight sends you reeling into the still-unlocked door, which swings open. You topple backwards, but you don't land - your sides have become trapped in the doorway. You squirm for several seconds, and manage to pop yourself back into the stall, then goggle at your reflection. Where there was once a fit, young man, there is now an overweight, hairy slob. You poke the huge ball that is your gut, and it rumbles in reply. You're about to get a closer look at your new body when the boss suddenly barges in.

"What're you waiting for?" He yells. "Get to work!" He slams the door in your face before you manage to get a reply out. You groan and, seeing no other options, open the door and go outside.

Written by an anonymous author

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