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Make me thinner! No, not lighter, weren't you listening?

You stand there for a few minutes, thinking over your predicament. The leprechaun's still in the room with you, and you realise he's waiting for you to make another wish. You weigh up (heh) all the possible wishes, then inspiration hits and you grin.

"Okay leprechaun, I wish I was normal sized."

"I already told ya laddie, once ye make a forever wish, it's there FOREVER. No take backs. I can't make you lighter." He shakes his head sadly, then perks up. "In my opinion, a thousand pounds looks good on ya."

"Har har. I never said 'normal weight', I said 'normal sized'." you explain, "I want to be 1000 pounds of normal-sized wolf."

The Leprechaun seems a bit taken aback for a few seconds, then sighs. "Very well laddie." he says, and snaps his fingers.

You instantly begin shrinking. Your stomach and chest rapidly sink back into your torso, and your limbs thin a great deal as the fat is sucked in. You don't feel lighter, though, but that's to be expected - the spell's just changing your size, not your weight. After about a minute, you're back to the normal you, just 900 and something pounds heavier. You take a tentative step, and the stone floor cracks under your enormous weight. You're lucky you wished for the extra strength, otherwise you wouldn't be able to handle your now super-dense body.

"Ye happy now, laddie?"

"For now." you answer, and the little green demon disappears in a cloud of sparkles.

Written by an anonymous author

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