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Too Much Trust

You did not choose this. Last night felt primal, almost good to run around under the pale moonlight, and that scares you. The beast inside of you is not a game you want to play around with. You pour the vial into a glass and stare at its contents. It seems to almost move of its own accord in the glass. Quickly, before you can change your mind, you down the thick liquid... And it feels... Like hot oil being poured down your throat. You try to cough it up, but it sticks inside your mouth like peanut butter trapped in your mouth. You feel the liquid burst and expand... Your stomach screams in agony and you writhe on the ground. Your skin feels like it will burst and your heart pounds like drums... The pain is too much. You pass out. When you wake you see it is morning,,, bars block your view outside and it seems you are in a basement. The stone walls echo as distant water drips. You see your hands in... No... They aren't hands... Your class. They seem enormous, as do your fur covered muscles. You try calling for help and hear your snarling growl. The person who seemed so kind to offer you the cure to being a werewolf enters your cell but keeps his distance. "Glad you are awake. I am sorry to deceive you, but my organization has been eager to acquire one of your talents for some time. What I gave you has locked you forever in the wolf hybrid state." An unnatural anger washes over you. You did not want this and now your human form is lost forever. He goes on to tell you that the cold collar around your neck prevents you from attacking him or feeding. You only feed if you are a good dog soldier. Even now the high matabolism of your form claws at your stomach and you feel the instincts of the beast calling. You vow to eliminate this man but his final warning sends a chill that makes your tail curl between your legs. You will be killed if disobediant and your family will be transformed as well if you do not do as he asks. He brings in a disheveled man wearing an expensive suit. He has clearly been beaten and tossed inside your cell. "Feed on him. He is a threat to all of us. Rid the world of him." The beast inside smells the fear and your toy vie hangs out in anticipation. Do you let the beast take over? Refuse and let the hunger tear you apart, or something else?

Written by Ryck

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