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Last Goodbyes

You have never admitted it to anybody, but you have always dreamed about this life. Letting the change take you, losing control, finding a community and a "pack." You decide to flush the "cure" down the toilet, and make preparations to leave your family and friends forever. You tell everyone a work opportunity has opened up nd the transfer is immediate, and you may not be back to visit again. You are touched that so many people show up to the going away party, but your mind is set. You make promises to stay in touch, which you know you may not keep. Where you are going they can not follow... Unless... A thought crosses your mind. You could try changing one of your friends, family members, or ex-girlfriends into a werewolf and bring them with you... Or you could separate from this familiar life and run full for e toward this new adventure. What do you do?

Written by Ryck

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