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Not too bright, is he?

Your struggling is obviously doing nothing to slow your swelling form, so you stop, focusing instead on keeping yourself from swallowing as long as you can, taking in your surrounding and looking for other options while the machine continues stuffing your face. You see Bob, the titanic white tiger guard, watching you intently, or rather watching the cookies intently, obviously fixated. It give you an idea.

You relax, trying to look like you're no longer worried about your predicament. You need your mouth free to talk, so you are forced to swallow your mouthful. You stomach swells out more, past your knees forcing your legs apart and pushing your blobby chest upwards where it brushes against your extra chins. You try not to let your worry show as you put on a grin. "These are the best cookies ever!" you say in you most excited and happy voice you can muster. Another serving is shoved into your mouth, which you swallow to continue talking. The chair creaks as the your sides and rump push against the arms, pushing over and under them and sagging down. "I could eat these all day, must be the best batch... *GUMPH*" You interrupted as more cookies are barreled into you.

You glance at Bob, who's mouth is watering, looking fit to burst. You take up an angry and accusatory look as the next mouthful comes, swallowing it down, your stomach bobbing lower and outward as you yell, "DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT FATTY, THEIR MY COOKIES!" Your then met with another mouthful trying to look like your enjoying the process. You try to keep from swallowing any more, your cheeks swollen enough to where you already look like you have a mouthful even without the confections to push it out. Still, it is not long before your you need to swallow again.

As you are met with the last bite you can take before choking again, Bob suddenly jumps in front of you and shoves you back as he yells "COOKIES!" , freeing you from the clamp and tipping the chair upwards onto it's back legs. Bob disappears as your stomach rises and eclipse your view. The chair balances for a moment, the angle forcing everything in your mouth back and down your throat. You swell, and suddenly the is a crack as the Back legs break under the combined weight of your entire body, the chair shattering apart as your drop on top, your body bulging as it hits the ground like a water balloon and breaking the arms off, and splintering the rest. You roll onto your stomach and lift yourself up, the arms still strapped to your budging wrists, though the damage has loosened the clamps to where you are able to jiggle it open. and letting you perceive the full damage of your feast.

Your stomach hangs low, bulging out a good few feet, your legs laden with fat, thicker around then tree trunks. Your tail is half swallowed by your rump, and the budging mounds of your chest sag over your sides, your bulging arms resting on top. Your not as big as you were back in the castle, but your have managed to out grow most of the overfeed citizens of the city, even bob is smaller then you. At least for now.

You look at the tiger, who is stuffing himself with cookies. Not patient enough to wait for the robot to feed him, he grabs the cookies by the handful from the slot and gluts on them, causing a surge in his size. His body swells even larger, his already strained uniform coming apart before your eyes, the belt snapping and dropping to the ground, the ring of keys jingling. Showing no sign of stopping, his gut billows out, his chest swelling like a pair of jelly filled beach balls. Within a few minutes, his belly reaches the ground, pushing him back on his expanding rump as his arms swell up into bulging rings. Pretty soon he is unable to reach past his gut to reach the cookies, slowing his growth as he is forced to wait for the robot to feed him. The blob of a tiger purrs happily as he continues devouring and growing across the floor.

You remove the shreds of your suit and walk over and pick up the keys. These should help you get about. Wish that it applied o the weight your carrying now, but you don't really have time to complain, you need to handle Leo, then you can worry about how your once again a walking blimp. You head to one of the doors opening it and squeezing through with the difficulty you apply to a round peg through a square hole, or a camel through the eye of a needle.

Written by Spots

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