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Mmm, I feel so hungry I could eat a Dragon!.. And a reporter-turned-giant-cat

"Well, lately, all I've had to eat are disgusting vegetables... don't agree with me at all. So, I think I'll have YOU," she points at Roger "for supper. And YOU," she then points at you "for an occasional snack - you know, pulling off an ear or leg when you take my fancy." She gives a smile, revealing enormous teeth.

"Hah! Me and Sir Cat-Man will fight to the death!" Roger bellows, and lunges at the witch. The witch, in return, gives a confident and toothy smile.

"Will you?" she asks. She clicks her fingers - and suddenly, the room is enormous! You and Roger are in the middle, while the door is, apparently, miles behind you, and the Witch - miles ahead. Roger valiantly tries to run to her, but despite running an incredible amount, he can never reach her.

"Stupid... old... witch..." Roger manages to gasp.

"How dare you?! I'M NOT OLD!" The Witch appears beside Roger in a flash of lightning. With a wave of her hand, Roger is suddenly trapped in an enormous cage, secured with multiple locks and surrounded by red candles.

"And as for YOU, my delicious little cat, I think I'll refrain from eating you, and simply fatten up this Dragon. I haven't had a cat in AGES." She gives a kind smile, and you are suddenly struck dumb at her face - before she was unstriking, with dark hair and simple black clothes. Now, she is truly beautiful - dressed in witch's clothes, yes, but purple and revealing. Her hair is long and blonde and a traditional witches hat is perched on her head - but it somehow all appears so stylish and pretty.

"Shall we?" She gives a small giggle and takes your... paw. In a flash of lightning, you find yourself in a reasonably large black room. A bookcase dominates one wall, while an enormous desk, covered in spellbooks and odd-looking artefacts, dominates the other. The third wall has an enormous pentagram inscribed on it, with a skeleton hung from the centre - hung by a nail directly through its forehead. The final wall has a simple black door, with a skull for a handle.

"I'm gonna be awfully busy for a while... Go check out your new home, my pretty cat." The witch smiles, and bends over the books, revealing slender, pretty legs. You drool for a moment then bound out of the room, intent on exploration - and perhaps helping your new mistress by ridding the place of rats.

Written by Goku (edited by wanderer)

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