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Size matters

"Is it true what they say about men with big feet," she whispers seductively.

Her smell waifs into your nose and overwhelms your senses. You can smell every bit of her. Your mind can't focus on anything else. Your blood warms. You grab her and tear into her clothing, but it can't come off quickly enough. You start her use your teeth to rip it apart. You smell her flesh. She screams in pleasure. You smell her flesh. She screams louder.... You taste her.... She screams.... taste... meat.


You wake.

Opening your eyes you see direct daylight and branches. The smell of the morning air is wonderful. It must had rained last night, because you feel damp and the earth is soft. You feel alive. You feel fantastic! You start to move but realize that your under a mass of branches from a bush. Looking through the opening you realize you must be somewhere in the city park. A faint memory of a beautiful woman tickles your mind, and you begin to wonder if you had been drinking. Only then you realize you're not wearing any clothes. Through the brush you can see that you are completely naked. You had to had been drinking a LOT!

Written by anonymous

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