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Not so natural

You feel another change coming, "great" you think, another change, just what you needed, you wonder what will happen, at first nothing, then you begin finding it harder and harder to pull the plow along, you're moving slower and are becoming mOre exhausted, the ropes attaching you to the plow start pushing in on your sides- which have suddenly become soft and wider, your legs feel heftier and your snout is becoming pudgy and round, as your belly and torso fatten and begin to sag you realize that the bull was probably fattened up, all that's left to wonder is: by how much? You get your answer soon, by the time you stop gaining weight your chest and belly nearly touch the ground, your legs are thick and plump, your face is soft and fat and your entire body shakes when you move, with as little movement as you canu muster, the witch unties you and says...

Written by an anonymous author

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