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Another Dragon?

Your thoughts are interrupted by a roar. It sounded like it came from south of the village. Not too far off. But what was disturbing about the roar is that it sounded pained. Despite your vendetta against the hunter, you felt the need to investigate. Besides, the thought of there being other dragons like yourself may make your decision all the better.

You once again take to the skies heading south of the village. After a few seconds, you arrive just in time to see your target, the hunter, plunge a different weapon than the one he brandished at the arcade into the stomach of an anthro black dragon like you and your partner. The dragon roars in pain as it falls to its knees while the human just smirks.

Seeing this made you seeth with rage and you let loose a roar of fury, getting the hunter's attention. He turns his head towards you, his smirk never leaving his face. Then in a lightning fast motion, he pulls his weapon, a sharp, long katana, out of the dragon's stomach and just as quickly, kicks it across the field.

As the dragon lays there, holding it's stomach in pain, you look over it. As far as you could tell, it seems to be female. Her breasts had almost completly shrunk into her chest making her almost look male. The other way you'd notice she'd be female were her slender arms and legs, flat stomach, and the raven black hair adorning her head.

You turn back to the hunter who was still smirking and he spoke as he sheathed his blade "Well, lookie her. One of the dragons from the arcade earlier. I'm a bit surprised you'd come all the way out here to find me considering you turned tail and ran last time. Do I scare you that much?" He said playfully which only made you angrier.

"Shut up! Why are you hurting this dragon!?" you shout. The hunter only snikered "It's my job, idiot. What'd you think? Though to be honest, she diddnt put up much of a fight. Dissapointing. Of all the dragons, the black dragons are supposed to be the best of the best. Since there are so few black dragons, that makes them special challenges for hunters like me. This one though barly made me break a sweat. Must be new. And looking at you now, I can tell that you're new too." hunter said with mild amusement.

You growled in anger "Dont you dare underestimate me, HUMAN. Your going to pay for all the dragons you murded." you spat. The hunter however wasint phased by your words "Ahh, but I can sense your worry for that little dragon girl over there. Is your need for vengence so strong that'd you'd let one of your own die just to pursue me?" That cought you off guard and the hunter notice and smirked "Then it seems you have a choice. Chase after me, she bleeds to death. Help her, I escape." He starts to back away "Life's just unfair, aint it?" Then turns and runs off, leaving you with yet another dilema...

Written by Wolven77

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