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A mansion fit for a giant

You walk in to find that Steve is at least 6 times your size. His clothes have torn off completely, and he's standing in the centre of the room, dressed in nothing but a torn pair of pants.

"What the heck?!"

Steve looks down and sees you. "Hey there!"

"What are you doing? What'd you wish for?!"

Steve grins. "I always wanted to be bigger, so when you bought the leprechaun, my first thought was to wish myself bigger. Then all that other stuff happened, and I didn't get the chance! But look at me now!" He flexes, then grabs his collossal gut and shakes it.

"But why the fat? Why would you want to be fat?"

He shrugs. "I asked to be bigger, and the leprechaun granted my wish. I can't be bothered to call him back and have him turn it all into muscle."

You sigh. "Fine, have it your way. But how are you going to get around the house? You can't even fit through the door!"

Steve nods. "Good point." He calls the leprechaun, then wishes for the house to be bigger. The leprechaun snaps his fingers, and everything around you suddenly grows larger. Soon the room is scaled up to fit Steve, and you feel like a midget in a giant's house. He walks out the door and downstairs to the kitchen, and, seeing nothing else to do, you follow him. The leprechaun walks beside you, happily humming a tune. Why is he so co-operative this time around? He looks up to find you staring at him.


"Nothing. It's just that I thought leprechauns were tricksters..."

"That we are, me laddie." Says the lep. "Only yer friend Stevie specifically asked me not to do any extreme trickery. He lets me get away with little corruptions of wishes, but that be it."

"Oh." Well that doesn't really make much sense.

You reach the kitchen, and find Steve sitting at the table, already at his fourth course of breakfast. It seems the transformation has bolstered his appetite as well as his size. You shake your head and go to the pantry, searching for food. Something nags at the back of your mind, and you realise something's missing from the mansion.

"Leprechaun!" You call.

"No need to shout, laddie, I'm right here."

"Where are the servants? You know, the maids, the cooks, the cleaners? I thought this was supposed to be a mansion."

The lep nods. "I'll be adding them right away." He snaps his fingers.

Suddenly the house springs to life around you, as cooks appear out of thin air and begin to work. Somehow they're able to use the Steve - sized equipment, despite it being much bigger than normal. Several of them pick up Steve and carry him to the dining room. He doesn't notice. You grab a few snacks from the cupboard, then head in the opposite direction. Time to check out the rest of this house.

Written by an anonymous author

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