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Bigger is better!

You suddenly realise that your singlet is still growing tighter, even though you can't feel any extra muscle piling on. It tightens a great deal around your abdomen, and you look down to find that your gut is growing. It's already covered your abs and has formed a definite bulge on the singlet. Your chest swells slightly, and grows a bit softer as your pecs fill with fat. Your arms and legs grow thicker, although they don't seem to be losing much of their muscle - in your arms, the muscle just keeps piling on. Your chin and neck begin to fill with fat, and inflate to form a double-chin. Your belly grows bigger, and begins to hang over your shorts, with a great deal of flesh showing. You bounce it around, and it jiggles a lot, sending your body rippling. Your shorts are now extremely tight around your ass and thighs, but they haven't torn yet - they seem to be growing with you. The same can't be said about the singlet though; it can't seem to cover your collossal stomach all that well. It droops down over your belt, and is still growing bigger by the second. Your moobs have swelled sideways, and have begun to hang out the side of the singlet. Your chins have completely covered your neck, and soon they seem to combine with your moobs - your neck and chest are now rippling folds of fat.

You groan as the growth stops, and your weight stabilises. You're at least 5 times your original size and weight, taking up much more room than before. Most of that room is taken by your humongous belly - it dominates your entire torso, hanging over your belt by a good 10 centimetres. Your singlet sits well above your belly button, and your moobs form a large bulge where your chest should be. Strangely, your arms haven't added any extra fat; instead, they are covered in more muscle than you could ever need. You flex, and your huge biceps swell and press against your fat frame. You grin - this isn't too bad. You notice Steve is still over by the desk. He's pale with shock, and looks like he'll faint any second. He manages to get a few words out, though.

"What the heck happened to you?" He pants.

"I told you," you say, "the leprechaun twists any wish you make. You wished for a 'big' bodyguard? You got one." You crack your knuckles and bounce your gut around for extra effect.

Steve opens his mouth to say something else, but instead his eyes roll to the back of his head and he keels over backwards in a dead faint. Too much drama for him, you guess.

Written by an anonymous author

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