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After a while the witch re-enters the room, while she was gone you realized what the spell was meant for, your pig body started out slightly plump, but now you were a pink squishy tub of lard, your colossal belly bulged and jiggled with every movement, your legs were soft pillows of fat, your cheeks have softened and grew round, making opening your mouth a chore. Your neck has become a collection of rolling chins. Your back is soft and lost in the blanket of fat on it. Your rump has bulged full of blubber, your chest has fattened up and now sags to form two soft, fat breasts. You let out a fat squeal and attempt to waddle away, you only end up on your fat side, grunting from the effort. Your whole body jiggling from the motion. You see the knight chef looking eagerly at you. The witch cackles "Well now, look at this fat swine. I bet you want to be turned back, well I won't do it. It won't b long before I'm no longer able to anyway." She notices the confused look on your face "Oh, you didn't know? Well, you see, every time you eat I will take away one of your three remaining human parts, first your eyes, so you will see life through the sight of a pig, next your stomach, so you will have an endless hunger to help fatten you up even more, finally your human heart, so you will no longer have the passion to return to a human, and finally you will be stuck permanently like this, a fat, pink, swine, fat enough for a feast."

Written by an anonymous author

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