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you find an exit hallway, and something else...

You waddle down a long hallway marked exit, you look yourself over and are frightened at what you see, you are even fatter than you thought you were, you think you're fattening up faster than before, you see what you think is a door, but as you approach it is definitely NOT a door, it's the werewolf, "You!" You call to him, he is startled but has a puzzled look on hi face, he obviously doesn't recognize you, he only knows you as a bull, not a fat werewolf. "You bit me, I was a bull, you turned me into a werewolf." You explain. You looks surprised "Wait, why are you so fat?" That is all he says. "A spell, now come on, I'm getting fatter by the second and I need you to have it reversed." You grab his arm and pull him along with you, you guess he hasn't figured out where you're going as he isn't resisting, you continue toward the witch, your body getting softer, flabbier and heavier by the moment.

Written by Wolves

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