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You freak out, your manhood is getting way too big and your horns make each movement more difficult, you can't lift your head anymore, you spin around in panic, knocking over the table. You notice one bowl left unspilled, it's the seventh potion, you gulp it down, at first the witch seems mad, then she calms down, seeing that the seventh potion was not the correct one. Your manhood stops growing, but you realize that it isn't shrinking either, but you are growing, your stomach bulges out, becoming soft and round, your legs become thicker and thicker, eventually rendering them immobile, your neck becomes immensely fat, you find six chins underneath your plump, puffed up cheeks, your chest becomes soft and sags, you try to move, but only accomplish falling off your stomach and onto your fat buttocks, you jiggle with every movement and let out a labored moo, even simply rolling causing you to lose your breath, you lie down on your back, rolls of fat cushioning your fall, you look at the ridge of fat on the edge of your stomach that your neck lets you, and still your manhood has retained it's huge size. You think that it's shrinking when you realize that you're still growing, your stomach is bulging out even further, you have to crane around your nine necks to see how thick your limbs have become, you feel the cold floor less and less as your fat spreads more to your back, eventually you stop growing, immobile and enormous, you have no idea what to do,,,

Written by an anonymous author

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