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You have your story. Why not go home?

You have that story your boss wanted - the castle really is magical! You run back to your donkey and travel back to the town, taking the Leprechaun's box with you. You give the donkey back to the inkeeper, then get back in your car and begin the journey back home. THIS is that big story you've been waiting for.


"....and that's how it all happened." you tell your boss. You've left out the embarrasing details - you skipped almost everything about Peter and Rufus, and your problems with the wishes, but you've just told your boss everything that happened at the castle.

The boss sighs heavily and puts his head in his hands. "You were supposed to ADD elements to the story, not make complete baloney about everything. Seriously? Evil Leprechauns, Endless Hallways? Armageddon? Our Readers are stupid, but they're not THAT stupid."

You shrug and pull out the box. "Maybe this'll convince you." The boss' eyes open wide. He picks up the box, and turns it over in his hands.

"So this is the box that you found that Leprechaun in, eh?" he asks.

"Yes, that's right." Then the boss places his hand on the lid, and you realise what he's about to do. "Sir, that would be a very bad idea..." Too late. He opens the box, looks inside, and drops it in shock when he sees the Leprechaun's skeleton. "We are SO royally screwed."

whirlwinds of green dust swirl around the tiny skeleton, and your boss backs away against the desk. You know better, and get away from there as fast as possible, leaving your boss and the Leprechaun to their own devices. This isn't going to end well, and you know it. Hopefully the boss is smart, and doesn't make any stupid wishes. You look back to the building, and see green dust swirling from the windows. Great. He's already made his first wish. Then the dust starts rushing down the street towards you, then picks you up roughly and drags you back to the building. You crash through the window and land in front of your boss and the little demon.

"Isn't this great?" your boss says. You shake your head as fast as you can.

"No sir. It's not great. It's really, really, REALLY not great. Did you even listen to my story?" You grab him by the shoulders and start shaking him. "HOW STUPID ARE YOU??!!" You try to hit him across the face, but the Leprechaun stops you.

"Can't let you hit me master, laddie." he says. He's pretty much the same little demon. Hopefully he doesn't remember you.

You turn back to the boss, who's picking himself up off the floor. "What did you wish for? You know the Leprechaun twists wishes, and you still wished for something. WHAT THE F*CK DID YOU WISH FOR?"

Written by Traveller

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