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Getting your own diigimon

At first all you remember was falling through a deep warp hole. After waking up, you look around, you realize your in the digital world.You also see something. You look long and hard and soon realize that its... THE DIGIDESTINED! You run over to them and yell from a distance away, "Hello!?" The digidestined turn around and notice you. They look suprised to see someone other than them in the digital world. Jian asks how you got here. you answer with "I'm not exatly sure, but i am glad to see you guys!" Rika says nothing.(as usual) Takato then asks, "where's your digimon?" You say, " I don't have one sadly..." Jian: I'm sure you'll find one. That lifts your spirits. Ruki: What's your name? You: Geo. Takato: That sounds like a good name to me! You: Yeah, I guess, but how am I going to find a digimon? Jian: Like I said, you'll find it. Terriermon(Jian's partner): Momontia! [Later...] Guilmon(Takato's partner):I see something, I see something! Takato: Hey, I see it too! You: Is that a... cave? I think I see something in there! [In the cave (there is ruble and debris blocking something)] Renamon(Rika's partner): I sense that something is in the debris. (After minutes of digging) You: I think I see it! It looks like... a DIGIEGG! Jian: A digiegg, here? Hmm. I think this might be the egg of your new partner Geo! You: But, I don't have a digivice yet. Takato: I hope you get it when the digiegg hatches. Rika: What does the egg look like? You: It's light purple and has a red gem on it. {Jian: Hmm, purple and a red gem... it doesn't look like anything we've faced before...} You: Well, at least we're getting somewhere! [After hours of going around the digital world, the egg finally hatched!] You: guys, look! It's hatching! [The egg then hatches] Dorimon(Was the digiegg): Hello Geo, i've been waiting for you! (In total suprise, after picking dorimon up and hugging it, a D-ark(digivice) appears from a mysterious light. You happily hold it in your free hand.)OUT OF ROOM


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