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"Ay, you'll be staying here for a while." The leprechaun says with a grin. "Wait!" You say, turning around. The leprechaun slams the door shut. You turn around and survey your surroundings. A Chrystal chandelier sways slightly. Below it is a long table with a buffaw of food on it. Silver trays sparkle so brightly that you have to squint. Mounds of food are piled up on the trays. Small cakes lightly sprinkled with sugar. Multicolored jello's swaying. Cookies with flowered patterns on them. An array of clear bottles hold brightly colored liquids. Silver glasses and plates, jingle on a stand. Next to them silver utensils. You walk up to the table. A chair slides out, inviting you to sit. You sit down. A sharp pain in your back makes you jump up. You turn around. A tail sprouts from your pants. Your shorts and then shirt puffs up slightly as you grow fur. Your shoes are stretched and feel tight suddenly. Your feet curl up. The souls on your shoes split and your, now furry feet come out. You scream as your toes are ripped apart, claws coming out. You curl your hands into fists. You yelp as thorn sharp claws dig into your palms. You open you hands and look at them. Your palms lengthen as your fingers shorten and are covered by fur. Your skin darkens making a paw pad. Fur sprouts on your neck and quickly travels up onto your face. Your skin is stretched tight as your nose is pulled out of your face stretching your skin and forming a fox snout. You howl as your hair is pulled into you skull, being replaced by fur. Your ears shrink into your head as fox ears appear on top of your head. Getting the feeling that you are suffocating, you tear off your shirt revealing that you are entirely transported into an almorph, half fox half human. You look at the table. The change has made you hungry. Your stomach growls. You sit down at the table. A plate rises into the air and comes to rest in front of you. Now what to eat?

Written by Dragon

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