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wake up

the other try to wake you up but your dead to world know if they tried to go on without her they would be a consequence a ll three others drag her body and guide her hands to rol she rolls a three which is only one roll away from winning they guide her hands to pick up her card that says you tried to cheat me you all lose these are your bodys forever then the game dissapears. the girls try to move on sleeping beauty still knocked out waiting for prince charming wich isnt what she want but to powerless to change. adult woman fairy hides her wings as best she can and trys to stay away from the men that hound her which she used to be the playmate didnt have much choice in jobs so became a playmate for playboy paying fanicly for her troubles. marilyn monroe goes to acting and literaly picks up where the actreess left off later on the girls relaise there bodys never changed it was their last curse to be beautiful forever

Written by jake

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