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Yeah...about that...

The dragon raises an eye brow as you begin to laugh. 'You find the prospect of being eaten alive by three dragons amusing?'

'No i find it funney you think im going to run.' you reply, 'look at me. All i've done since i've got here is eat. I was only merely obese when i got here. Maybe I could have made it to the other end of the room before i collapsed but now? It won't be much of a hunt.'

The dragon looks you over. 'you're right,' she says while prodding your side with a claw. 'I appologize Wolf. You seem to have grown too fat. The hatchlings will learn nothing from hunting you.'

You sigh in great relief.

'Instead i guess we will just have to eat you for dinner.'

'gulp!' you begin, 'Now let's just hold on a...' the dragon rakes a claw across your fattened belly. The three smaller dragons instantly fall upon you.

We will let you figure out what happens next.

Written by an anonymous author

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